Emotions -“Get A Handle On Them”


Many in life are not on their mountain top and others are stagnated because they

have not gotten a handle on controlling their emotions. Let that not be said of us.

God created us with emotions and everything He created, He created good!

What are emotions? E-motion. to move out.

Emotions – strong feelings that are designed to move you in one direction or another.

Emotions are feelings caused by pain or pleasure that will move you in a certain direction.

Emotions -a  person’s response to life’s situations.

Uncontrolled Emotions can affect one’s life and the life of their loved ones.

God has given us authority over everything in the world including our emotions.

God has given us:

  • Mind-all conscious and subconscious activity of the brain and central nervous system that directs the mental and physical behavior of our life.
  • Will- mental faculty by which one chooses or decides a course of action.
  • Emotions- part of consciousness that involves feeling or sensibility.

Feelings on the inside, caused by pain or pleasure, trying to move you in one direction or another.

  • Intellect – capacity for understanding; ability to think abstractly and profoundly.
  • Imagination- the power of the mind to form a mental image or concept of something.

How To Control Our Emotions ( Not suppress emotions)

  1. Do not try to control your emotions in your own strength- ask God for his help. God is a wonderful helper.  Matthew 7:7, Psalm 123
  2. Be honest with yourself in how you feel about self, situation, other party.
  1. Articulate how and why you feel a certain way.                                                                   
  2. Nobody is worth you losing your glorious destiny by holding a grudge or not letting go of an offense.
  3. Let the Word of God be the deciding factor in life’s situations.






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