Single With A Smile

Single For Now
Everything on earth is designed to function according to time and season. To everything there is a season. Ecclesiastes 3:1
Life is in phase, as long as earth remains, different seasons of life will continually be in force. Life is designed by God to be in phases and not static. Being single is just one of the seasons of your life.
To be single is to be whole, outstanding, distinct, separate and positively different. To be whole you must discover who you are in context of God’s Word. You must act on your discoveries from the Word. Being single now does not mean you are incomplete. Never buy in or entertain that lie. It is a blessing, a plus, not a minus, an addition, and not a subtraction. It is a phase that holds benefits if you learn how to utilize those benefits that I will share with you. When I was single I enjoyed those benefits and I hope you will as well.
… behold now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation. There is a time called the accepted time. That time is now!
If you want to enjoy the benefits of tomorrow, you must make wise decisions today. What you can do today do not put off until tomorrow. What you can handle now that you are single, do not postpone until you get married. Your now is actually the womb that births your tomorrow. There is no time like the present, to start doing something very significant with your life. God gave you the gift of life. There is no spare or duplicate life. I encourage you do not be careless with your life.

Often times many that are older often look back and regret how they lived their single years. Please do not make that same mistake. Your life is precious to the end so don’t live a life with regret. God give you wisdom from His Word so you can live your life without regrets. If your tomorrow must be great, the foundation must be laid today.
God is a now God. Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing now it shall spring forth; Get hold of your life and create a great future for yourself.
Your single years are your best opportunity to lay a foundation for your
future life, especially in marriage.
Three Benefits of Singleness
1. Get to know and build a relationship with God. How to draw near to God? By reading His love letter to you. The Bible is God’s love letter to you. The words that are in red are the Words that Jesus spoke. That is your road map. Get to know God who loves the very ground you walk on for yourself. He loves you with no strings attached. He knows your thoughts afar off and he still loves you the same. He has great things in store for you. He never wants you to feel you are alone and unsatisfied. He feels what you feel. He is the greatest counselor. He gives you undivided attention. He loves to be loved by you. He will not reject your love. So please do not reject his love for you. He gave you his Son, just for you. Before you give anybody your hand give God your hand and your heart.

2. Freedom to serve the Lord without distractions.
3. Invest in life as a person. Your life is too valuable and precious to
live an average life. There are seeds of greatness inside of you.
• Maximize your single days- Jeremiah 29:11
• Discover, and develop and your God given gifts to serve the world.
• Mentally -Love God with all of your mind. Make full use of your mind.
• Emotionally- Love God with all of your soul.
• Keep yourself physically fit – Your body is God’s temple.
• Understand your uniqueness – Do not compare yourself with others. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image and after His likeness.
Singleness is a phase of life that you must pass through and the faster you are able to maximize the season and pass the examinations of that phase of life, perhaps the faster you move onto the next phase of life. Allow your single years to be bright, colorful, and beautiful. Embrace and engage this season with all its benefits and make a difference and shine your light for everyone to see.

Romans 10:9-10


2 thoughts on “Single With A Smile

  1. I have been gifted singleness for a little over four years and I have wasted all of this time except for the last few months. I decided that I will no longer wallow in my current situation but rejoice and thank God for this time. Thanks for your article. Good tips and advice.


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