Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.
Definition of Understanding:
The ability to comprehend, insight, to discern, to distinguish, to separate, To arrange information in a meaningful relationship. Accurate ordering and interpretation of what is known. To be able to see what God is saying to you thorough His Word. There are three aspects of wisdom- Proverbs 24:3-4
Knowledge- the accumulation of data, or information Understanding- organization or the assembly of information Wisdom – the application of knowledge
Given (knowledge)information or facts, the person who understanding is able to discern (to see) and arrange the facts (knowledge) in a meaningful way to be able see the best choice one should make.
Keys To Obtaining Understanding
1. Ask God for an understanding heart. I Kings 3:1-8 You cannot find or connect with God with your head only. You also connect with God with your heart. (many try to figure God out with their head)Jeremiah 29:12-13;
2. Many are frustrated because they have not embraced the ways of applying the scripture to their situation. Acts 8:26-32 He had knowledge he could read but he had no understanding. He could not take hold of what he was reading until he had understanding.
3. Prayer is a means of getting understanding about the particulars in your life.           Daniel 2:19; James 1:5 Ask the Lord what must you do at this point to come out of your situation? What do you require of me to do? Did I miss something? Or did you stop short of your intended goal.
Romans 10:9-10


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