Space Between Us


I saw this movie entitled “The Space Between Us”. The movie is about a boy name Gardner who was conceived by his mother on Mars.There on Mars he developed a chatmate friendship relationship with a girl named Tulsa. Eventually he got a chance to come to earth and meet and spend time with his friend Tulsa. Their time together was quite amusing.
Several insight s I gathered from the movie.

Gardner envisioned meeting his friend and distance was not going to stop him.
Gardner prepared himself for the moment and what he was going to say when the moment arrives.God give you window of opportunities. You prepare today for opportunities tomorrow.
Gardner did not where he was going but he was willing to ask questions to get to where he wanted to go. Don’t let uncharted or unfamiliar territory stop you from seeking new horizons. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone in your thinking and living to experience new adventures. Faith enables you to make new journeys in life.

Gardner enjoyed what we can take for granted. Don’t take what’s in your world, friends, family,your surroundings for granted. Someone has less than what you have and may possibly have a better attitude inspite of having less. Be thankful for what you do have and more shall be given.

Gardner would have not seen his loved one had not made the decision to make the first step of what initially was impossible, that became a reality in his life.
Gardner’s choice to come to earth brought others together that needed each other.

Love is not bound by space or time.Space can be defined as distance or interval between two points. No more no less. Remember, what you do or accomplish in the time spent together with loved ones is what really makes all the difference. Make the most of each moment.

Romans 10:9-10Space Between Us